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Image by Half Light Photography


Hello there! My name is Katie.

I am a self-taught baker who, after years of experimenting, learning

and creating, launched Moonbow Bakery from my home kitchen to

connect with other people who love good cake as much as I do!


Being independently run, every cake is made with care and attention

to detail.

My kitchen is registered with Inverclyde council and I am fully insured. 

Moonbow cakes look as delicious as they taste.

I don't do novelty cakes or fondant, instead taking inspiration from

nature, ingredients and flavours to decorate my cakes.

Every cake is slightly different, naturally beautiful and unique.


I find great joy in creating wonderful, wild and vibrant cakes that are made for eating, sharing and celebrating. 

Ingredients & Allergens

All the cakes contain wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy unless otherwise specified. Other allergens such as nuts, peanuts, sesame, soya and sulphites are used in some cakes. Gluten free and vegan options are available, but please note that all cakes are made in the same kitchen so it cannot be guaranteed that traces of these elements will not be present and therefore no product can be recommended as 100% safe for allergy sufferers. Nuts are used in the kitchen, so any product could contain traces and therefore none of the products are sold as safe for those with a nut allergy. Please let me know of any allergies or dietary requirements when you order.

Photograph by Half Light Photography
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